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How to book your appointment

Info you must know before booking an appointment:

  • my Availability is Tuesdays to Saturdays

  • now Booking for JANUARY 2024 onwards

  • i charge per session, EITHER half (4 - 6 hours) or full session (6 - 8 hours)

  • The appointment for the tattoo will be at 10am. I will contact you the Monday prior to your appointment to discuss the design. You will be able to see the final draft before the appointment

  • To secure your spot, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required. The deposit will be discounted from the final payment. accepted through Venmo, zelle or paypal. once the deposit is received your appointment will be booked and confirmed asap

  • Please let us know if you are flying in. If you are, we always recommend to stay the night in order not to rush the process

If you have any enquires or are interested in booking an appointment please send an email to with the following:

  • contact details (Name, cell, ig)

  • Reference pictures (No exact copies will be made, these pictures you send will only be taken as reference to create an original piece)

  • Picture of placement where you would like to get the tattoo done and an estimated size of the desired design.

  • Specify what you would like to get done, please be as precise as possible, including specific details (e.g. forearm tiger roaring mouth open showing teeth with desert background, some trees, sky with clouds and birds.)

  • the design will be discussed once you arrive on the day of the appointment.

  • Also share any personal meaning this may have to you in order to bring it to life

Thank you for reading

can`t wait to meet you guys



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